Cut The Slack

Cut The Slack

Hey Friends, happy Sunday!  Hope this finds you doing well.  We just got home from a friend’s wedding in Nebraska (it worked out well that Iowa won & Nebraska lost ;)).  Today, I want to talk to you about cutting slack on our farm. As we traveled we listen to Craig Groeschel’s podcast and it got me thinking about the management side of farming.  The best investment we can make is in ourselves & pushing yourselves to be better.

So when I say cut the slack I’m talking about is what is it that we can do that will help us propel forward? It’s easy to fall into a rut. Sometimes it’s easy to do the same old thing again and again and sometimes it’s easy to stay really busy, but are we really accomplishing something or are we just working? One of the things that we may need to do to cut out slack is to take some of the things that are not productive is check who we take advice/recommendations from.  Are they bringing us new info or is it just have the same conversation over and over and over again.  Are they challenging us? If they’re not making us think, if we’re not making them think, then maybe we need to find someone new to talk to.

A second way of cutting out the slack is making a daily plan & sticking to it.  I know my work always eats up all the time I have allocated, I may have a project and I have 12 hours to do it and it takes all 12 hours but if I had something going on for Kayla at school that night and I had to be at the school and I only had seven hours, I’ll still get the project done because I’ll be more productive. So can we figure out how to condense our projects and work a little harder so we can go home to our family quicker.

So my question for you today is “what can we do to make our farming operation run smoother?” The one thing I know in life is nothing stays the same and we’re either growing and getting better or we’re in trouble.  So let’s make sure that we are committed to growing and getting better. If you would like to have a conversation that might push you give us a call 641-919-1206. Hope you are having a fantastic Sunday.

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