Will Your Farm See The Next Generation?

Let’s be honest…Running a family farm operation can be….a lot. 😯

Every farmer today is facing major issues & big obstacles.

And if we’re all being real… No one is talking about them or how to overcome them. Which is crazy since we’re all facing the same types of problems. 😬

next gen.jpg

Which problems are causing headaches, heart aches, or stress in your life?

#1 – “I’m sick of not making any MONEY” 💰

#2 – “Lack of working capital”💰

#3 – “I need my parents to pass down assets and they won’t”💰

#4 – “I literally have no control over what happens in the future”👊🏼

#5 – “I’m just trying to get started farming”🙏🏼

#6 – “I have no idea how to handle of all of the STRESS”🤔

#7 – “The Farm is causing problems in other areas of my life”💔

#8 – “I make MONEY on my taxes, but none of it seems to go into my bank account or stay there”💰

#9 – “My family and I are constantly fighting and butting heads over everything”😡

#10 – “I have No Idea how to pass this family farm down to my kids and keep everyone happy”😭

I grew up on a family farm and raised my kids on a family farm who are now raising kids here too. We have seen and lived all of these problems over the last 59 years… 👏🏼

We’ve always been looking for A Better Way and we’re proud to say we have found it! There are ways to solve these problems…🥳

Because the sad reality is family farms are falling apart at the seems because of these problems.😭

You can discover the exact methods our family farm is using in a Free Training where our friend Jace walks you through each one of the problems…🌽🐮

And the solutions I’ve found to fix them. Because if we want our farm to still be here 100 years from now we have to fix these problems.❤️❤️

👉🏻Check out the training at https://abetterwaytofarm.legacyfarmer.org/


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