The Last Secret Francis Childs Taught Us

The Last Secret Francis Childs Taught Us

Happy Friday! At the beginning of the week we released a podcast that is getting shared like crazy and so we wanted to make sure we gave you all the secrets.  Today we are sharing the LAST secret that Francis Childs shared with us that he used to grow a WORLD RECORD corn crop. He was always the guy who was pushing the limit and that’s how he hit 442 BPA and if you’re reaching for higher yields and profit you can do the same!

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The fifth secret we’re going to share is probably a little unexpected.  It’s that Francis always had a positive attitude. People used to jokingly say “Well, how is having a big positive attitude going to help?” or they would spout off and say “That doesn’t help anything.” Francis would laugh and joke and just say “I don’t know about that but at least it’s a lot more fun to be around the person with a positive attitude then the person with a negative attitude.”  He would also share that having a bad attitude never helped him get where he wanted to go.

Francis was very good at looking at everything as positively as possible.  He expected positive outcomes. He expect positive results and he translated that over into making sure that he was spending the majority of his time with positive people. He wanted to hang around people who were can do people. He spent time with people who believed that there was a better way to farm. He networked with people who were always looking and searching for a better way. I want to encourage you to think about that today.  Strive to have a positive attitude, even if it does nothing different at least it makes us better to be around for our families our churches, and our communities.


Francis was  a tremendous guy, not only was he one of the nicest people I ever had the privilege to meet but was also an incredible farmer. I want to encourage you today to just take a moment and think about the five secrets he instilled in us.  Make sure that we’re planting in a manner which the Pepsi can stays on. 2) always been willing to study. 3) Have a willingness to change after we figured out what the study shows us. 4) how to work with what we have and manage around any issues that are there. 5) to have a great attitude.

I hope this day finds you doing great and that you make this the best year ever.

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