The 3rd Secret The Corn King Shared With Us

3rd Thing

Happy Wednesday! Monday we released a brand new podcast that has been blowing up & getting an insane amount of downloads.  So are you wondering what it’s about?  We shared Five Secrets that Francis Childs used to increase his yields and grow a WORLD RECORD corn crop.  Learning from as he lived his life wide open was truly a blessing and it’s an honor to share the secrets he gave us.

Today were spilling secret #3 Francis shared with us which is have a willingness to change.  We often run across people who have such a difficult time with this.

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Several years ago a client of ours shared a story about a neighbor who perfectly illustrated this story.  The neighbor was testing their soybean population the took the first step (secret #2) and ran studies checking out soybean population.  The neighbors were still using a population of 240,000 plants per acre.  After taking the suggestion of running tests they started at 90,000 and they ran population studies at 90, 100, 110, 120, 130,000 ect all the way up  to 240,00 ppa. In their area, in their fields, in their own studies, their number one yield, not their number one money maker but their number one yield was it 130,000 plants per acre. Here’s the kicker though…the guy that ran the study proceeded to do the CRAZIEST thing.  He decided that since the number one yield was at 130,000 plants per acre that they would cut back and plant at 185,000 plants per acre.

make the change

That leaves me scratching my head. He studied, he learned, he knew and yet the neighbor don’t do what was best because he couldn’t bring himself to make the change. So yes, it is important that we always study. However, it’s EQUALLY It is important that after we study we make tweaks from what we learn.  It is important that we try new things on a yearly basis. When we see what happens in trials, then we have to be willing to make changes!  I realized that old habits die so hard. I understand “this is the way we’ve always done it or the way that dad did it or maybe the way that grandpa did it!  Sometimes what we do it deeply ingrained in us. Yet sometimes the practices that we’ve hung onto for generations are the thing that’s our limiting factor.

It’s always interesting to me to see how things in ag have changed. We all understand technology is important. Everyone is using a different planter than what grandpa did. Everyone is using a different tractor than what grandpa did.  No one is using the same hybrids that grandpa did, especially considering that grandpa probably started his farming career by getting some ear corn out of the crib, picking the best ears by hand, shelling them off and planting that seed. I daresay that no one reading this blog is in the process right now of going to the corn crib to pick up some ears to go plant.  Why is it we embrace those changes but not changes in fertility or N management?  Why do we resist change in areas that can make a HUGE difference.  Today I just want to encourage everyone to not only study but also be willing to make the change!

Be sure to check back to the blog this week to discover the other two secrets!  Or hear them right now on the podcast at

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