The 2nd Secret The Corn King Taught Us

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Happy Tuesday! Yesterday we released a brand new podcast sharing five secrets that we learned from Francis Childs to increase yields.  Learning from him as he was on a quest to be the fastest and the best was truly incredible.

always study.

The second thing that we learned from Francis was to always study. So often in ag we get in the habit of doing something and we just don’t ever stop. For instance, maybe we’ve been using anhydrous for the last 40 years, maybe we’ve always used anhydrous, we don’t remember not using it. So we just do it year in & year out. It is our mindset that we cannot NOT do whatever “it” is. Francis was an anhydrous user early on but Francis was always studying. One of the studies that he ran was he started comparing using nh3 to using 28 or 32. He ran several multiyear studies in the same fields to see what would happen.

Another thing Francis studied was starter fertilizer for years and years and years. (like over 15 plus years of testing)  He tested 4-10-10 and then he compared it to 3-18-18 to see how that worked out.  He was always testing different products from seed Germination aids to pieces of tillage equipment.  Even if he had always used one certain brand of tillage equipment he would still run studies and compare. Studying was something he did differently and it was something he did every season.

Many of the top producers are always studying. I’ve heard many of them say a person needs to always have a test patch.  Regardless of its a 10 acre patch or a whole section top producers literally try and run it off the cliff and see where they can do the outrageous.  Yes, some of them fail. Some are a total zero, but they’re always get new ideas that DO work!  Francis was someone who was always studying and growing!


Be sure to check back to the blog this week to hear the other 3 secrets!  Or hear them on the podcast at

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