What The Corn King Taught Us

5 things we learned from the corn king

Happy Monday! Today we released a brand new podcast sharing with you five ideas that we learned from Francis Childs to increase yields.  We cherish the time we shared with Francis.  He was a unique individual who just always looked at things differently and I think that was one of the keys to his success! If we look at things just like everyone else, then we get the same results that everyone else has.

We enjoyed learning from him, we enjoyed working with him and he was just a really awesome human being. As a bonus we want to share one of our favorite memories with Francis that exemplifies what he was like. In about 2005 we were getting ready for a field day and my daughter Karen who was about 11 years old. She had come out to the field to pick some of us up for lunch and she was in a Kawasaki Mule. Francis quickly hopped in and rode with Karen. Once they get about halfway to the house as they were going through a pasture, Francis reaches over, kicks Karen’s foot off the foot feed and puts his foot on it and he says, “I’ll run the gas you steer!” At that moment he smashed the foot feet clear to the floor. In the blink of an eye, I was watching my daughter, literally flying over field terraces, yelling and screaming and giggling with Francis. That was how Francis lived his life…wide open. He was always the guy who was pushing the limit going as fast & as far as he could. Francis was always on a quest to be the fastest and the best.

So today on the blog we are going to share the first thing Francis taught us.  He use to tongue and cheek say “You can never plant corn before 10 o’clock in the morning.” Now let me say… that’s not actually a statistical fact, but let’s dig into why he said that.  The reason he said that was because at his house, the rule was you couldn’t drink a soda before 10:00 AM.  Why does that matter?

You can never plant corn before 10 o'clock in the morning.”

Francis always said you couldn’t plant your corn until you could set a half a can of Pepsi on the box of the corn and drive across the field.  If that half a can of Pepsi would stay on the box and it would ride to the other end of the field, then your field was smooth enough to plant corn.  He was very much adamant about getting a really good contact between the seed and the soil and he was very much adamant about making sure that we had the perfect stand.

Francis used to jokingly say that if a rabbit got halfway down a row, it would have to go all the way to the other end in order to move over to the next role because he couldn’t cut through.  Francis believed a good stand crucial & he always did an incredible job of that.  It was an honor to get to go walk his fields and to be a part of it! It was incredible to see the 442 bpa that he grew up in Iowa. It was also incredible to be a part of being his Nebraska yield of 299.7 as well.  He always strived for the perfect stand and it was a key part of his success. To achieve that it’s crucial that his field was smooth enough and that he was driving the right speed.


Be sure to check back to the blog this to hear the other 4 secrets!  Or tune into the podcast at https://apple.co/2w1Ww6p

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