Breathe & Think About It

Breathe & Think About It

Today, we want to talk a little bit about stress. It seems that there was a franticness in the air. I know that we’ve had the hardest winter in a long time, probably since about 1978 and so as we come into spring in a rough space as to what we’re doing for plant 19. Try to remember this though it’s April 10th and it’s going to be okay. Since we’re only at the start of April, let’s not overreact and act like it’s June it’s not even May 10th so that’s good news.

Some of our guys in southern Missouri are planting corn today. Nothing makes me or any farmer happier than getting to go to plant. Am I Right? I just want you to take a deep breath. Now I’m not going to say, or try act like there’s not going to be challenges the spring because we know as I’m talking to guys throughout the corn belt, they’re talking about the fact that they’re concerned about being able to get the people who sell their dry broadcast products to get them applied in the appropriate amount of time. Obviously it’s still very muddy. Obviously a lot of places are still very wet. Up North there’s still snow on and there are some guys who are concerned and rightfully so.

Here’s what I want you to think about Starter Fertilizer…Regardless of if you’re set up for liquid or not think about it seriously this year!

  • My planter is set up starter, but I haven’t been using it. Let’s talk about what could we do if your planner is already set up. What if you grab control of your destiny and you say, I’m not going to wait on someone else to come and drive broadcast. I’m not going to let someone get on my fields prematurely and pack them down and cause compaction because they’re feeling the Rush, they’re frantic to get their work done. I’m going to take control. What I’m going to do is talk to someone about how can I apply apply p and k in the seed trench?
  • My planter is not set up for liquid…Yes, it’s April & I realize that it is not ideal to be trying to set, our planters up right now, but honestly, most of these planters can be ready in two days. 16 man hours in the shop & you’re ready to rock and roll. If you’d like some advice on how to handle that or some things on what to do, give us a call.

There is a better way to farm and there are alternatives and we’re not locked in to doing exactly what we did last year. We’re not locked into what dad did 20 years ago and we’re not locked into what grandpa did 60 years ago. So we hope that you will consider making a change this spring.

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We really do appreciate you being a part of our page and letting us be a little bitty part of your life hope you’re having a great day and I hope you have a better tomorrow.

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