My grandpa always said…

Grandpa said

Today, we’re doing a special throw back to what  Grandpa always said, if you don’t have time to do it right the first time when will you?  There were so many lessons in life that the grandparents were right about.  Things like when we use a tool and we don’t put it away and then we’re going to do it later and then later comes we just needed again and now we can’t find it and life comes down to just the discipline.  Specifically what I want to talk about today is doing it right the first time. In planning for 2019 are we going to do it correctly?  As I was coming home last night, one of my neighbors up the road was out spreading fertilizer and unfortunately it was leaving ruts four foot wide and a foot and a half deep. It’s easy to justify it and rationalizing it. We say..”We got to go. We got acres to plant. We ain’t got time to wait. We ain’t got time to take care of it. We don’t have time to do the right thing. We got to go.” I’ve been receiving pictures of people out spreading the anhydrous, cutting foot deep ruts with four wheel drive tractors dueled up all the way around and you could just see at any given time 75% of the knives are letting gas blow up into the air.

What are they saying? “We just got to get it done.” I’ve got an idea… If our goal is to put nitrogen in the atmosphere, let’s just open the valve on the tank and let it roll and that would get all that anhydrous out of the tank because that seems to be the goal. Make the tank empty. Are we just trying to get rid of dry fertilizer and get it spread because “we got to go”? What kind of damage are we doing when we cut ruts, a foot or two foot deep? What kind of damage are we doing when we’re blowing gas on and we’re pulling it and we’re leaving ruts this deep with eight 20 inch wide tires?

If a significant amount of that anhydrous is escaping because the ground won’t seal what are we gaining?  Whatever we’re going to do, we need to do it to the best of our abilities. We need to do it right the first time. I really want to encourage you to think about this. I really want to encourage you to ask yourself this question, is this what’s best?

whats best

Yes, it’s mid April. Yes, we want to be doing something. Yes, we have all the equipment ready, but here’s the question. Tomorrow morning when we get up, would you be better off to go fishing instead of cutting ruts? Would you be better off to go play around at golf? Would you be better off to surprise your spouse & take her somewhere on a day trip?

Maybe the answer’s no, but maybe…the answer is yes.  2018 ended tough. I got that. We still got some guys with corn in the field here. The 2018 is not even over yet in some places, but 2018 is carrying over a lot of guys in the process of harvesting, cut big ruts and they’ve got things they’ve got to do and now we’re out here as a carryover from 2018 because we didn’t get the stuff done in the fall and now we’re going to do it wrong in the spring of 2019 and if we do that, we’re going to fight that all year long. Guys, there’s zero judgment in this.

Today take time to think. The bottom line is this… going out and working dirt that’s too wet (especially if it would turn off dry later the year) never works out well. You know what the end result is. You know the damage that we do, and we don’t wish that for you or anyone. Happy Friday Friend!

Breathe & Think About It

Breathe & Think About It

Today, we want to talk a little bit about stress. It seems that there was a franticness in the air. I know that we’ve had the hardest winter in a long time, probably since about 1978 and so as we come into spring in a rough space as to what we’re doing for plant 19. Try to remember this though it’s April 10th and it’s going to be okay. Since we’re only at the start of April, let’s not overreact and act like it’s June it’s not even May 10th so that’s good news.

Some of our guys in southern Missouri are planting corn today. Nothing makes me or any farmer happier than getting to go to plant. Am I Right? I just want you to take a deep breath. Now I’m not going to say, or try act like there’s not going to be challenges the spring because we know as I’m talking to guys throughout the corn belt, they’re talking about the fact that they’re concerned about being able to get the people who sell their dry broadcast products to get them applied in the appropriate amount of time. Obviously it’s still very muddy. Obviously a lot of places are still very wet. Up North there’s still snow on and there are some guys who are concerned and rightfully so.

Here’s what I want you to think about Starter Fertilizer…Regardless of if you’re set up for liquid or not think about it seriously this year!

  • My planter is set up starter, but I haven’t been using it. Let’s talk about what could we do if your planner is already set up. What if you grab control of your destiny and you say, I’m not going to wait on someone else to come and drive broadcast. I’m not going to let someone get on my fields prematurely and pack them down and cause compaction because they’re feeling the Rush, they’re frantic to get their work done. I’m going to take control. What I’m going to do is talk to someone about how can I apply apply p and k in the seed trench?
  • My planter is not set up for liquid…Yes, it’s April & I realize that it is not ideal to be trying to set, our planters up right now, but honestly, most of these planters can be ready in two days. 16 man hours in the shop & you’re ready to rock and roll. If you’d like some advice on how to handle that or some things on what to do, give us a call.

There is a better way to farm and there are alternatives and we’re not locked in to doing exactly what we did last year. We’re not locked into what dad did 20 years ago and we’re not locked into what grandpa did 60 years ago. So we hope that you will consider making a change this spring.

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