You’re One Choice Away

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You’re ONE choice away from a totally different life…but what does that mean for you & your farm…?

For everyone it’s different…

For some of you, you’re in a job that you hate, and you’re trying to get out but have to make more money on the farm to do that.

For others, you are farming full time… but you’re stuck, and you’re not as profitable as you’d like to be (maybe you even lost money last season).

For some of you, you’ve hit a yield plateau, and you’re trying to reach new yield heights.

And for others of you, you’re looking for that a way to bring more family members into the operation!

Let me ask you a few questions…

  1. Are you just getting started, and have NO IDEA where to start?
  2. Are you in a dead end job that you hate, and you want to farm full time?
  3. Do you have a farm that’s been successful, but for some reason your yields have plateaued and your profits are stuck?
  4. Are you trying to figure out a way to bring your spouse home from an in town job
  5. Do you have kids that are growing up & you want them to be able to farm with you but don’t access to more acres?
  6. Are you convinced that you need to do something else, but not sure where or how to start?



If You said YES to ANY Of The questions Above, Then I Want To Invite You To Join Us And Change Your Farm Forever! The choice costs $1,199. Why 1,199 dollars? This covers..

  • your in depth soil tests and field by field recommendations
  • 2 day agronomy conference (plus meals & materials)
  • 3 day business conference (plus meals, materials, & lodging)
  • $150 of product credit.
This all comes with a 100% personal money back guarantee!  If for any reason you decide this isn’t the direction you want to go to change your farm after you have attended the conferences we will personally write you a check to refund your money.

The Life You Want, The  Family That You Want, The Farm You WANT Is Going To Be Fueled By The choices YOU MAKE before the planters roll THIS spring…so text Karen at 641-919-5570 to get started.

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