How to Pursue Higher Yields Without Breaking The Bank

How to Pursue Higher Yields Without Breaking The Bank (1)

Hey guys, Happy Friday.  Today we are going to talk about how is it that we’re going to pursue higher yields without losing money.  We recently had the opportunity to speak with a farmer and he said that they’re doing a great job. They’re raising their yields up but they have so much money in each bushel, that they’re still not making any money. So he said, “I have a job in town working 50 hours a week, so that I can afford to farm.” That really got us thinking of the Churchill quote that says “That the truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end there it is.”
I really want you to think about what are you gonna do differently this year. What are you waiting for? What’s holding you back? Why are you scared to make a decision? Here’s the deal, higher yields are out there, but if we go with it with the way that everybody wants us to buy … In the words of Francis Childs, one of his taglines was, “Don’t be a moron.” Don’t be the guy that thinks you’re gonna get higher yields just by putting a lot more on. A lot more N, a lot more P and a lot more K, because in the end that’s not going to get you where you want to go.  Most of us are not suffering for a lack of N, P, or K. The secret to getting to the other side is not to spend a whole bunch of money. The secret is to take what we’re spending and reallocate it and make sure that we have a reason for everything we’re doing.

Unlocking yields
Guys, the secret to unlocking higher yields, to pursue the next level requires us to address the things we haven’t been addressing. Maybe we need to spend a little bit less on a broadcast dry P and K program, and a little bit more on addressing in-furrow micronutrients.  Maybe what’s keeping us from having yields that we deserve is a little bit of Zinc, or a little bit of Manganese. I looked at a soil test yesterday, the guy had more parts per million K, than he had magnesium. That is a significant yield drag, because those compete at the absorption site to get into the plant. If we have more K than we have mag, mag won’t go in. What does Mag do? It’s chlorophyll. So the pursuit of higher yields for that individual, probably $15 to $20 an acre is a $3.50 pint of magnesium, that’s it.   That’s how we’re gonna pursue higher yields.

We really want is to bring value to you here on the blog, our facebook page, & on our BRAND NEW podcast. Most importantly, we really want you to make 15 or 50 bucks more per acre than you were going to if you didn’t know us. So if you’re interested in how to raise your yields, while maybe spending no extra money, or minimal extra money, but redirecting what you’re spending in a way that works for you, talk to us.

This spring is gonna be interesting. There’s nothing put out last fall and maybe this year is the year to say, “Maybe dry broadcast isn’t the answer. Maybe this year I control my destiny, maybe this year I put on a set of FurrowJets and I can put down a significant amount of P and K, both in the seed trench and in the walls.” Maybe this is the year that you turn it upside down and you find something that will work better, remove your limiting factor and take you to another level if so feel free to call or text Karen @ 641-919-5570

You’re One Choice Away

You're One Choice Away.png

You’re ONE choice away from a totally different life…but what does that mean for you & your farm…?

For everyone it’s different…

For some of you, you’re in a job that you hate, and you’re trying to get out but have to make more money on the farm to do that.

For others, you are farming full time… but you’re stuck, and you’re not as profitable as you’d like to be (maybe you even lost money last season).

For some of you, you’ve hit a yield plateau, and you’re trying to reach new yield heights.

And for others of you, you’re looking for that a way to bring more family members into the operation!

Let me ask you a few questions…

  1. Are you just getting started, and have NO IDEA where to start?
  2. Are you in a dead end job that you hate, and you want to farm full time?
  3. Do you have a farm that’s been successful, but for some reason your yields have plateaued and your profits are stuck?
  4. Are you trying to figure out a way to bring your spouse home from an in town job
  5. Do you have kids that are growing up & you want them to be able to farm with you but don’t access to more acres?
  6. Are you convinced that you need to do something else, but not sure where or how to start?



If You said YES to ANY Of The questions Above, Then I Want To Invite You To Join Us And Change Your Farm Forever! The choice costs $1,199. Why 1,199 dollars? This covers..

  • your in depth soil tests and field by field recommendations
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  • $150 of product credit.
This all comes with a 100% personal money back guarantee!  If for any reason you decide this isn’t the direction you want to go to change your farm after you have attended the conferences we will personally write you a check to refund your money.

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Can Sugar Add Dollars To Your Bottom Line?


The Third study from Top End Farming we want to show you is the Syntose FA (Sugar Study.) Syntose is a unique blend of readily available sugars, molasses, and fulvic acid. It is ideal for use on all soils and plants. Syntose FA easily incorporates into any farming operation. It readily mixes with starter fertilizers and other key nutrients and chemistries.

What are the benefits of Syntose FA®?

  • Sugar provide necessary energy to stimulate microbial life in soil which promotes healthy plant soil ecology.
  • Fulvic acid is a natural chelating agent and can easily penetrate plant cells, helping the plant take up nutrients.
  • Easy to use and tank mix – no hassles trying to dissolve granular sugar sources.
  • Each pint of Syntose FA provides 1 lb of sugar.
  • Valuable in both soil and foliar applications.

Plot #52: 1pt syntose foliar applied 244bpa

Plot #53: 1pt in furrow, 1pt foliar 233.64bpa

Plot #54: 1pt in furrow, 1pt pre-emerge, 1pt foliar 241.32bpa

Plot #55: 1pt in furrow yielded 243.11bpa

Plot #56: 5 gallon 3-18-18 yielded 235.54bpa

*All in furrow applications used 5 gallon of 3-18-18 as a carrier

Price per pint is $.80-$1.25 acre depending purchase quantity