Are PGR’s Worth It?


Hello Everyone, Today we are sharing more research from Top End Farming on their farm in Northern Illinois.  2018 was a year full of changes and weather challenges but it was a great learning experience. They experienced heavy rains all year which challenged everything from emergence to making timely spray passes. Having wet feet all year certainly knocked a lot of the Top End yield potential out, but it also provided a great learning opportunity for us all.

Dan pulled soil tests in the fall of 2017 to see what was needed and at what rates. Everything we do is based off of specific soil tests, field by field.  So, we’re not throwing blind darts at the wall wasting ANY money. This is why we highly recommend everyone uses MidWest Labs from Omaha, NE to run independent soil tests.

Today we are talking about two growth regulators. One being X-cyto and the other being a brand product new product Intensify. X-cyto is a liquid formula and has a soil and foliar version available. Intensify is a granule product recommended for in-furrow and foliar applications.

Intensify yielded 262.04bpa at a cost of $4/acre (out yielding check by 11.28 bpa)

Foliar Xcyto yielded 263.73bpa at a cost of $12.65/acre (out yielding check by 12.97 bpa)

Check Strip yielded 250.76bpa

The test strips had over a 40bpa difference

We also had two 12 row strips planted with the intention to harvest for corn silage to measure tonnage and feed value differences. While we were able to get analysis on the strips we weren’t able to have them chopped due to extreme rains, tar spot killing the plants off early, and time constraints from our custom chopping crew.

We used Soil X-cyto in furrow along with everything the soil test called for on our treated strip and also on our own production acres. Our production acres yielded 6ton/acre over 2017. The test strips had over a 40bpa difference when harvested which we’re sure would have made for a significant tonnage difference also.

Silage check strip: 198.43bpa       Silage X-cyto strip: 240.50bpa

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