3 Things That Can Make You More Money THIS Year 💰

We’re traveling to the commodity classic today and while our flight is delayed we have been thinking of ways to help YOU have a better 2019.

So the question is how do we do that? Well we came up with 3 things that we think will help your farm this year.

#1 – Pick your top 5. Who are the 5 people who are going to influence you the most? Are they people who want the best for you? We all tend to be the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. Iron sharpens iron and maybe it’s time to change who we spend our time with. We hope that you spend time with people who are positive, progressive and passionate about agriculture.

#2 – Find a mentor who does things not only different from you but also better than you. If you want to move to a new level for yields and profit on your farm spending time from someone who is always learning and studying is one of the fastest ways for you to do that. Our family has had the privilege of being mentored by people like Jerry Cox (24 time NCGA Winner), Francis Childs (Dry land corn highest yield producer), Dennis Dammen (progressive agronomist) & Charles W Herbster (Conklin’s Owner & Farmer from Nebraska. Pictured Below). The things these men have taught us have been invaluable over the years and I truly hope you can have someone in your life that can help you like they have helped us.

#3 Attend Conferences & Trade Shows. If you can get ONE good idea from an ag event it’s worth your time, effort, & investment. One good idea is worth the $500 fee or $1,000 fee or whatever the cost may be because one good idea can make you money!

If you’re traveling to Orlando to the Commodity Classic be sure to stop by the A Better Way to Farm booth 554 – we would love to meet you!

We hope that these 3 things will bring profit to your farm and if you’re looking for someone you can learn from and network with comment here or text Karen at 641-919-5570 and we’ll be happy to see if we can help!

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