The 1st Thing You NEED To Do Before Plant 19

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Today, we want to talk about some low hanging fruit for our grain farmers. The bottom line is this, we don’t know what the spring it’s going to be, but it would appear that we have all the makings of some weird weather.  At least in Southeast Iowa it’s looking that way.  We had a very dry summer in 2018 and followed that with getting our average annual rainfall in September and October and went off into some snow in November. December was like first spring and then in January and February we have had a really intense winter with record low temps and record amounts of snow fall. I think our school has had 2 full days since Christmas break. So banking on the fact that we’ll have a normal spring seems like a bad idea.

Here’s what we do know… when it’s time to go plant corn we’ve got to plant corn. Sometimes we have to go to the field a little early.  Quite often after we plant, it turns off cold and damp.  Have you ever planted at an air temperature of 67 out and three days later, it’s 41 degrees and raining. Sometimes it’ll stay that way for a while and that is HARD on your corn seed. So, what can we do to help those little corn plant? One of the things that we do on our farm, and that we recommend, is using Amplify-D. Amplify is seed treatment with the active ingredient of adenosine monophosphate.


It costs about $2.50 an acre on corn at wholesale pricing. The typical response is 3-13 bushel per acre. If you get into the Beck’s PFR book, I believe the average over the last three years is 13.56 per acre. So, if you’re open to spending 2.50 to get back $13.56 consider Amplify.  Adenosine monophosphate is just simply an energy source to help that little seed get up and growing out of the ground. It helps aid in even emergence, increases plants per acre that come up and helps your seed get out of the ground to capture sunlight.  It gives each seed a GOOD start getting more energy until it comes out of the ground to receive sunlight.  Ever grass seed has a tiny bit of adenosine monophosphate naturally so we ramp that up when applying amplify.


So guys, if you’re open to giving EVERY seed you plant the best start possible and packing it a little sack lunch of energy to help it get through to sunshine for $2.50 and getting back over $13 text Karen at 641-919-5570 to get your order placed before the spring rush hits!

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