How a Farm Family From a County with Zero Stoplights Reaches YOU

The world has never moved faster or been more informed but it never ceases to amaze me much more we have to learn and teach especially in the agricultural industry. While our profession includes only 2% of the US population it effects every American.

In 2012 our facebook page was created. In 2013 I got intentional about posting every day. In 2015 after I graduated college we hired a business marketing coach to help us grow and impact more people and it was the single best investment we ever made. Since then A Better Way to Farm has taken off. We have impacted millions of people. Gained over 100 clients, many of which are now close friends. Best of all we have served and helped the American Farmer in ways we never dreamed possible.

Partnering with Facebook has allowed us a platform that continues to grow every day with every post we make. Our reach has grown from Iowa to the Midwest to the whole United States, to a global scale now. So allow us the opportunity to say THANK YOU for being here!

A Better Way to Farm is a community for inspiring, educating, and serving the worlds most noble profession. Most importantly, We have encouraged farmers to ask “why.”

Today we stepped foot on the place that changed everything for us and a ripple effect to millions more, Facebook Headquarters. So thankful for this opportunity to grow! 🌽


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