How To Pay Extra Attention To Every Dollar You’re Spending This Season

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Are you Facing Challenges? I want to talk to you a little bit candidly here about some things. One of those biggest things that we’re facing is where is the correctly place to spend our money? The most important money that you’re going to spend, is on a GOOD soil tests.
We are seeing more and more articles and videos talking about how people are moving away from grid sampling. Which we’re in favor of (unless you’re really managing Lime). So, what do we do? We go out and test in 20 or 40 acre blocks for exactly the way you’re going to plant it. What matters is what it takes us to get from one end of the field to the other and then back as many times as possible before we have to stop and reload. The best thing to do is run soil tests.
Spend the few dollars and we will either save you that in inputs or make you that on the other end. More than likely we’ll do it tenfold. When we’re trying to decide how to spend our money because of budget constraints, let’s make sure that we do exactly what that test says. If all we need is starter fertilizer and micronutrients + secondaries, then let’s do that. If we need those things plus dry then let’s do that too. If we need to do some strip till, do that.
n order to successfully overcome a challenge
It’s paramount that in order to successfully overcome a challenge, that we gather all of the information that we can get. So we have to make good decisions. If we are only soil testing to gather information and we don’t tweak things yearly (or as often as we pull our soil tests) then why are we doing it? We do not want to gather information for the next 10 years until we’re overwhelmed and drowning in it. We want to gather good information that’s relevant to this year. A good soil tests tells us what we need to do through side dress applications, fall application, or spring applications.
I want to encourage you that if the biggest challenge that you’re facing in the coming season is budget constraints, it’s more crucial than ever that we’re spending every dollar as intelligently and purposeful as we can. The only way to effectively do that is by spending our very first dollars on soil tests.
If you need some help getting your soil test done or want to know how to best pull those to get the most money back for you feel free to comment here or call 641-919-1206. We love working with you. We know that this years going to be tight and we specialize in helping farmers work through that every chance that we get by helping them reduce overall input cost buy as much as 50 cents a bushel. We look forward to talking to you soon.

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