Sugar Makes Farming Sweet

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Wanted to talk to you guys today about one of our newer products that we’re super stoked about. You guys have heard me talk about sugar for 25 years. We’ve been doing research for over 25 growing seasons. You can increase your yields simply by using a pound of sugar per acre. At a test site in Northern Illinois 1 pt of Syntose FA increased yield by 8.55 BPA.
Syntose FA provides energy to stimulate microbial life in your soil & promotes healthy soil ecology. If you’re looking for a superior sugar product look no further than Syntose FA. It’s an all liquid product, which makes it easy to use. It’s very affordable, it’s about a $1 per acre. It’s low volume, you’ll use a pint of the product per application. After a fabulous year of field testing across the country, and being Beck’s PFR proven, we believe in this product more than ever. Want to know the coolest part? Not only is it a sugar, not only is it a liquid, not there’s an added bonus, it has fulvic acid in it! Fulvic acid is a natural chelating agent. It’s easily able to penetrate plant cells aiding nutrient uptake.
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“I have used sugar for several years, both in-furrow and foliar applications. I believe it hypes up the soil microbes to make everything work faster.” – Jerry Cox 25-time National NCGA Yield Contest Winner, Missouri
So if you’re interested in getting to the front of the line on getting this product ordered, give us a call at 641-919-1206. You can also hit us up with a comment here or on Facebook. We would love to assist you in getting ready as we launch off into 2019. It’s going to be a great year. We know that we’re going to be able to help you figure out how to make a few more bucks of profit per acre
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