Do you want to..Increase yields, Make More Money Farming, Go faster?

Do you want to..Increase yields, Make More Money Farming, Go faster_

Good afternoon,  One of our favorite things about agriculture is we get to do what we love and every day is just another day to serve the good Lord the way we choose.

The other day I was listening to Ed Mylett’s podcast.  One of the things I like the most about him is his intensity.  I love what he had to say is his episode Dean Graziosi. And basically what he said was this, “Cut the Check.” If we want to go faster, why do we do things slow? Why do we do things that make it go slow?  If we want to improve our farming operation or expand our farming operation, or make more money so we can buy another farm, or maybe even bring our kids into the operation, why do we want to go slow?

_If we want to go faster, why do we do things slow__

Let me ask you a question. If you hit your hand with a hammer and it hurts really bad, are you going to go ahead and hit it again? Sometimes we think, “Well, we hit our hand with the hammer but if we hit it a whole bunch of times really fast, it won’t hurt so much.” That’s not true.  It just hurts quicker and more painfully. We go out and we do a certain thing in farming and it doesn’t work and we think if we get a few more acres and we do a little more of it, of what’s not working, somehow it’ll give us a different result. Guys, that doesn’t work!

Sometimes we go walk through the wilderness in the dark with a blindfold on trying to figure out how to find our way, why? Why do we want to stumble through the dark? Why do we want to trip over tree roots?  Dean said in the podcast interview, he figured out that the best thing he ever did was cut the check for a GOOD training program.  He has paid thousands of dollars for training and it took years off of his arrival time to get to his destination of being more successful.


Here’s the deal guys, our two-day agronomy conferences are going to speed you up in getting where you want to go!  We personally provide you a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE there are idea at our agronomy conference that is going to make you more money.

  • South Bend, IN January 17th & 18th
  • Ankeny, Iowa February 11th & 12th
  • Lincoln, NE February 18th & 19th
  • Memphis, TN February 21th & 22nd

If you would benefit from making an extra $15 an acre on EVERY acre of your farm just for going for two days, then let’s cut the check.  You can call me at 641-9191-206. Here’s what I know. Hitting our hand with a hammer is only going to make our hand hurt. And if we hit it again in 2019 it’s going to hurt some more. And if we hit it harder and hit it more times in 2020 it’s just going to hurt. But we can stop it. We don’t have to keep smacking our own hand. We don’t have to keep roaming through the jungle blind. We can help you do this.  Cut the check, spend the money, go to the training. All with a money back guarantee. No questions asked, guys.

Let’s do it! As always if this brought value to you we’d appreciate it if you’d share with your friends and family. Feel free drop your farming questions below.

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