Why The Right K Matters (+A Free Gift for YOU)

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Hey, guys, today we are focusing on “Why the right K matters” and we have a FREE gift for you. There is lots of new data coming out that’s being done at the university level talking about the importance of Potassium.  The studies are showing how much more K new hybrids need.  How important it is to get K into the plant early. The one that stood out to me most focuses on the relationship between using Potassium Chloride and ability to uptake of Phosphorous.

As we know, each and every nutrient impacts lots of other nutrients.  There’s lots of University research conducted studying different kinds of potassium and how using those in different ways impact how much Phosphorus would go into the corn plant. The amount of reduction from using Potassium Chloride was VERY significant, feel free to text me (641-919-1206) if you’d like to know the exact amount.

Why would we want to use a product that’s in a form that will reduce the amount of Phosphorous we can get into the plant?  The more we use…the more we need. The more 0-0-60 we put on, the more 18-46-0, and the more N it takes to get the job done. And the problem just snow balls the next year, and the next year, and so on! We just keep needing more, and more, and more. When we use the wrong form of Potassium, we reduce the amount of Phosphorous we can shove into the plant. Why do we want to do that?

Too many people want to argue the laws of nature, and the laws of chemistry, and they want to say that any Potassium is okay. And quite simply it’s not. Every choice we make matters and it is very important that we get the right form of Potassium in the field, and especially if we’re using a starter fertilizer.  Your corn plant needs Phosphorous early. But it needs more Potassium in the first 50 days. Let’s make sure we’re providing each plant with what it needs when it needs it. Let’s make sure it’s in the form that helps the plant. Let’s make sure that it’s in the form that doesn’t suppress the amount of Phosphorous we can get into it. Let’s make sure our Potassium is helping us use our Phosphorous, helping us use our Nitrogen, not hindering us.

Need Potassium Early

Now, we have a free gift for you our friend Brad sent us an article that was written by a third-party fertilizer broker, (so he’d sell anything under the sun).  He talks more about why a certain form of Potassium is better than other forms. It is great information on what form will be most PROFITABLE for you.  So if you’d like to claim your FREE gift from us & receive this article comment here with your email and we will email it to you ASAP because we really appreciate you guys.

That being said, I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. Talk soon!

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  1. We’re looking to get away from dry this year and go to mainly liquid ahead of corn. We have the capability to do in furrow on our bean planter. But I am also thinking of doing 2x2x2 as well. Everything you have been talking about makes perfect sense! I would like to get more info on the right source of K. Thanks!

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