How To Build Your Soil Levels for FREE

How To Build Your Soil Levels

Have you ever wondered how you could build your soil profile? How are you gonna build your levels? Or how to do it without breaking the bank? I’ll let you in on a little secret… the best way to build soil test levels is to leave behind the best possible residue. If we can force feed the nutrients into our plants & apply the nutrients that we’re most deficient in our levels will go up. If for instance you’re K deficient, what should we do? I highly recommend six gallon 2-15-19-3. And then go over 2×2 and a liquid potassium sulfate.  That’s how we force feed the plant.  Doing this leaves behind better residue that’s  has the nutrients that YOU need!  (In this instance higher in K levels) Doing things right helps your nutrients recycle quickly and become available for the crop much faster than in a broadcast application.

If we’re deficient in any nutrient than we need to fix it quickly. Let’s make sure every dollar we spend on nutrients gets into the plant. And then, what isn’t removed in the grain is left in the stover and helps in building our soils, year after year after year.

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Guys, you’ve heard me say it for years.  Life is not that difficult, figure out how things work and get on the right side of them.  Increasing your soil profiles will help your farm & it would be our honor to help you do just that.  Meet us at an upcoming Pro Ag and learn as much as we can so that we can figure out how it works, so that we can get on the right side of it, and make more money in 2019 and years to come.  Plain and simple.

We would love to have you join us in

  • Kearney, NE January 14th & 15th
  • South Bend, IN January 17th & 18th
  • Ankeny, Iowa February 11th & 12th

If there’s a question or something we can do, feel free to texting or call (641)-919-1206.

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