How To Never Have a Diesel Gel Up Again

Hey guys, the topic for the day is how to make your life easier when it gets really cold out.

The Arctic temps are starting across the country and that makes chores extra interesting.  From having to be out cleaning out grain bins to feeding hay the work does not stop even if it’s 14 below zero with the wind is blowing 30 miles an hour. The only thing that makes that situation worse is your tractor barely idling because it’s gelled up.
The good news is we can help when that happens.  You can simply shut the tractor off and add a product that we offer, called 4-POWER D, then you can start it back up and go. On the flip side we can also prevent these problems before they happen.  We can keep equipment from geling up. From semis to tractors there’s a way to avoid gel ups all together!  The solution is Diesel Plus. It does a lot of things and on our farm, we run it year round for a few reasons. It cuts fuel consumption by 10%. It prevents algae from growing because it has an algaecide in it. It makes everything burn more completely and makes our fuel burn cleaner.  In the wintertime, the most important thing is does is lowers the gel point of diesel fuel by about 35 degrees. We run straight number two diesel, all winter long and never have to blend. (Yes, we have cattle. Yes, we have to chore every day.) Somebody’s firing that tractor up every day, and we have not had a tractor shut down on us yet, in about 15 years.

If you’re interested in how you can lower your gel point by 35 degrees and save a multitude of aggravation and just being plain miserable, hit us up with a text at 641-919-1206 or shoot us at A Better Way to Farm. Happy Friday!

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