Before you hook on the cart consider 2 things..

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We know that many of you are still battling to finish harvest but if you happen to be done or once you do get everything in the bin we hope you’ll think about one of our mantras. Which is “everything that happens in agriculture is good for someone but is it you?”
So before you hook onto a dry fertilizer cart please think about these things. If we study in the Fertilizer handbook they tell us that when we broadcast we get 20% of what we put out the first year back. So for every $1000 we spend we’ll get $200 back. After the first year the return on investment has a significant decrease. (If you’d like to hear what it drops to feel free to text me 6419191206). So our thought is would it better to band on the fertilizer our soil needs. According to the Dry Fertilizer Institute the answer is yes! You can expect to at least DOUBLE your return if you band the fertilizer.
Before we hook onto an anhydrous tool bar lets consider who that’s good for. Is it good for the you the farmer or for the person selling the anhydrous? The studies show once the soil temperature gets below 52 degrees it SLOWS DOWN the amount of loss. The losses don’t quit then it just reduces. Who is fall applied gas beneficial for?
If we are creating more problems than we are solving maybe it’s time to do something different. I know it’s been a challenge growing season. It’s been an even more frustrating fall for many of you. It’s easy to be aggravated but today we hope you’ll consider pausing for a moment. When everything is going crazy the best thing we have found to do is take a minute to sit down, pause & think.
Thinking is hard work. I once had an older gentleman tell me that people don’t think because it’s too much work. Today I am asking you to think if what you are doing is the best thing for you. Is fall application of fertilizer and anhydrous the best thing for you? Does it have to be done right now? Please consider these things, do some research, talk to some people and not just the people who do what you do.
Is there a better way? At A Better Way to Farm that’s what we are always looking for.
Hope you have a great day with family and the impending weather sweeping the Midwest misses you!

You Don’t Have to be Like Them

We all get ONE shot at this life. Don’t let one more day go by being miserable. Don’t like your job? Quit. Don’t like your house? Move. Don’t like your weight? Go to the gym. In debt? Don’t spend your money buying stupid stuff you can’t afford to impress people that YOU DONT LIKE. News flash: They’re only thinking about themselves and aren’t noticing your stuff either way. Don’t beat yourself up. You deserve all the happiness in the world. 🌎 The same blood that ran through Winston Churchill is in you. The average life expectancy in the United States is 78.69 years. So rack up 78.69 years of experience and memories not the same year 78 times. You don’t have to repeat your past or your parents pasts or anyone else’s past. You can start today and create the life you’ve imagined. You’re made in Gods image and are uniquely you so rise up and act like it. ❤️