Higher Hopes for 2019?

Good evening,
With all the rain the majority of use are getting it has us thinking about next year. Are you wanting to push for success next season, for more bushels? More profit??
If you want to get more things happening let’s chat about what can we do. Soil & tissue testing with MidWest Labs is something you’ll want to look into. When you get the recommendations back using our system, it’s easy to read and diagnose what to feed your crop. You’ll know what to use from the start of the season when you plant clear through the growing season. You can get recommendations down to how many ounces per acre of each micronutrient needed using this test.
We can go over what you need. Field by field. Some fields might have a copper need. Other fields will likely have other needs like magnesium. Taking a field by field approach is the right answer for your farm and profit margins. All you have to do what the test reveals. The answer is not to go get some everything in a jug miracle mix. Why? Because when we do something that is right for one field, 99% of the time not correct for another. By using a tissue test and analyzing the results, we knew how to write a specific recs to get the most potential out of every field.
A Better Way to Farm is all about efficacy and getting the biggest bang for your buck. There is a better tissue and soil test. If you’re not getting specific recommendations for each field you farm and you want to do something different then let’s talk.