United We Stand 🤝

These days it seems there is more political propaganda, ignorance, intolerance and entitlement then ever. The media wants us to believe these issues are beyond repair. Sometimes it’s only magnified by social media. However, we believe it’s all about how you choose to see things. At A Better Way to Farm we see the good on our Facebook page every single day. We see farmers learning new fertility programs, kids bottle feeding animals, families working hard. We love to see how different ideas, techniques, and farming practices work across the country.

The principals our nation was founded on and the core beliefs of the agriculture industry are more than enough encouragement to keep us moving forward if we focus on them. Keeping life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness at the forefront is paramount.

As you celebrate today remember as farmers more things unite us than divide us. We are citizens of the greatest nation and work in the most noble industry of them all.

Let’s help each other get better every day. We feed and fuel the world and are truly capable of great things so let’s work together side by side to show others what we can accomplish together.

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