Strong Men Raise Strong Kids 💪🏼

If Rod were 34 years younger, we might actually be twins. We think, talk, and even walk the same.

I think that’s how he has always stayed one step ahead of me. He knew I could always strike out the next batter if I was mad. He knew I cried every time we sold calves. He knew I would walk through fire to prove a point.

24 hours a day 7 days a week he has been there…waiting, watching, working always ready to lend a hand and cheer me on.

This spring while in the depth of my illness he carried me on days I couldn’t walk and after surgery when I was too scared to walk again he was right there by my side, with Nik, holding my arm reassuring me saying “You are strong enough.”

When I wasn’t sure I was tough enough to undergo neurosurgery while staying fully conscious we sat in my kitchen for an hour as he held my hand & gently reminded me that’s God’s plan is bigger than today’s struggle.

And on the days I can’t feel my feet and wonder if or when my nerves will heal and things will heal and get better you gently remind me of our saying “things are getting better around here.”

A book could be filled with all the life lessons he has taught me over the years and volume two could be with everything he has poured into me as an adult but I’ll stop for now 😉

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy. Thanks for being a strong man who raised strong kids who know that no mountain is too big. ❤️