Honoring Memorial Day

Memorial Day, originally “Decoration Day,” was created to honor lost during the Civil War. Then in 1968, Congress enacted the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, which established the fourth Monday as the observance and in 1971, “Memorial Day” officially became a federal Holiday.

From going to the cemetery to decorate graves or observing a small parade in your little home town or maybe the loud gunfire and saluting soldiers. We hope you will honor a fallen soldier today.

Read the declaration, ask a military family to share, or pray for those serving our nation. We consider this foundational and make sure to teach moments like this to our children.

To all who have served and the families of those who perished….A Better Way to Farm would like to thank you and today we ask for God’s abundant blessings on this Memorial Day.

☝️1 thing that can drastically help your soybeans this year 🌱

Good Morning, it’s Rod here at a better way to farm it’s a beautiful Saturday morning here on the farm in Southeast Iowa. I hope all is going well for you. We keep getting calls from others about the glorious rain they are seeing and want you to know if you have extra we would love for you to share with us.

We are excited to talk with you this morning. Earlier this week we shot a live on Facebook that has been viewed over 20,000 times and we want to make sure that you got the word too.

Our topic? One thing that can drastically help your soybeans this year. It’s a real fundamental. A low hanging fruit. And the best part is it’s incredibly easy to do. So let’s get right into it and talk about one of the easiest money makers there is, putting manganese in with your glyphosate.

If you are spraying glyphosate it’s causing yellow flash which in turn is creating yield drag and lost profits. We know after 26 years of research that when we go apply a single pint are manganese to the acre on every acre we spray that we will see y’all increase between two and 17 bushels per acre.

So let’s do a little quick math here. The price on the manganese cost you less than four dollars per acre at factory direct pricing. Worst case scenario you pick up two bushels per acre so when he’s been four dollars you get back $20. That’s a pretty good return on investment. What happens if you get to the other and 17 bushels per acre extra for one product? That is some serious cash.

This is one of the simplest things you can do this growing season. Our product causes no antagonism between the round up & manganese and be coapplied with ease. It is our belief that there is no better way to make a bigger impact on your bottom line this year in by using this one tip.

So here’s the bottom line if you’re interested in how you can obtain this product at factory direct pricing shipped right to your door give Rod a call today and let’s get started.


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Proud to be an American 🇺🇸

Happy Armed Forces Day. 🦅 Americans celebrate Armed Forces Day annually on the third Saturday of May. 🇺🇸 Today it is my honor and privilege to pay tribute to men and women who serve this great nation. 🎊 We would love for you to share this with a veteran or active duty member to help us show our appreciation for their commitment and sacrifice for us to be FREE! 🌽❤️