Carpet Farming Might Just Save The World

Yes, we know it’s a bold statement but we believe it with all our heart and here’s why….

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Who else here grew up a farm kid? The values taught on a farm can’t be taught anywhere else in the world.  Some memories are good.  Like rides in the combine with Grandpa or the first time you got to drive the truck through the gate and in the pasture.  Some memories are sad like the circle of life and the first time you sell calves.  However at the end of the day they all lead us to being the best job EVER being a farmer. 
We’re willing to bet that you started your career just like us, in the living room on the carpet with your favorite tractor.  Thousand of acres of corn were planted in the hallway and the hay baled in the kitchen always looked the best. Did you ever branch out and do custom work in your brother’s room? Christmas and birthdays always brought the newest & fanciest equipment the local farm store could buy & don’t forget about the herd of black Angus you had in the closet at grandma’s house!

Nothing makes our heart happier then seeing a kid sprawled out on the floor combining beans or chopping silage.  It always reminds us there is hope for the future.  That this is another generation ready to take on the challenge of feeding the world.

Carpet farming teaches life lessons…

Hope for the best but plan for the worst– You can start planting and the rows can be as straight as can be but if your baby brother who is just starting to crawl decides to come for you that seed can need replanted worse than any spring rain.

Life has a budget – Many times kids buy their own equipment, livestock, or feed.  It teaches kids the importance of saving for what they want.  Will the save for the nicer or but what they can afford now and work their way up?

Always have a back up plan–  Sometimes (okay most times) accidents happen.  More than once dad will step on the fence and let all those weaned calves loose all over the dining room.

Have a good banker– Now this may be mom or your favorite aunt but if you can present your case well and provide a good way to repay the money (for low interest)  they’ll stand by you til the end but you have to have a good relationship before you need it.

Life doesn’t always go as planned – your younger & cuter cousin will inevitably show up at grandmas and they will want to take your brand new baler home and guess what grandma will give in.

Do you have similar memories growing up on the farm?  What are some of the best lessons you learned on the floor?

Here’s to all the farm families out there making big plans and chasing big dreams because of the lessons they learned carpet farming!

P.S Thanks Brandon, John, Nathan, & Joshua for the pictures posted on A Better Way to Farm’s Facebook Page!
P.S.S This post was inspired by a blog we saw last year you can see the original post here!

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