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Today started like any other Monday.  Up and at ’em early returning calls.  Travis was one of the first guys we talked to this morning and our conversation lead us to today’s blog (& LIVE) topic!

Are you trying hard to do the best you can farming?  We want you to know you are not alone!  Guys like you know micros are crucial for success.  Guys like you know Nitrogen has to be carefully managed.  Guys like you are ALWAYS trying new things, which is great.  However, let’s make sure we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel.  There are some things that don’t need to be tested any more.

What if you could find a full system for your farm?  What if you could run a soil test that could tell you how many ounces per acre you need of Zinc or Boron (or any micro-nutrient)?  What if you knew when and where to apply EVERY nutrient your soil needs?  That system already exists and is in place!

Over the past 26 growing seasons we have learned what works well and what flat out doesn’t.  We know the break points.  We know what provides a good ROI.  Please don’t think this is a one size fits all program because it is not!  Soil type, CEC, tillage practices, location, ect all matter and effect the choices we make for each and every field!

We live in a busy world but we hope that you will take two days and join us at a Pro Ag Conference so you can discover what you need to test on your farm.  Bottom line is as farmers we get 45 maybe 50 growing season to perfect our craft and we don’t want you to waste a single one testing something that is already proven.

Ankeny, IA Feb 12-13

Lincoln, NE Feb 15-16

Columbus, OH Feb 19-20

PS Be sure to watch the Facebook LIVE Rod did on the topic!


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