The Best Farm Advice – From Farmers



10. “Take the wife and kids on vacation, farming will consume you. There is always something to do or fix.” Bill

9. “Get equipment to work with not work on” Harry

8. “A poor job of tillage in the fall is better than a good job in the spring!” Brad

7. “You have to walk before you can run dad always says you can’t have it all now.” Bruce

6. “Do everything you can to be successful and leave the rest to God.” Walter

5.   “When your a toddler your jobs the gate opener, then when your eighty that’s where you return to …. The gate opener” From Samatha’s 6th generation father in law 

4. “Never have more livestock than your wife can take care of.” Paul

3. “Fastest way to go broke farming is to do everything the way Grandpa did it. Second fastest is to forget why Grandpa did things that way.” Eric

2.  “The farm has to be your hobby too. Because you won’t have time for your work and hobby too.” – Jeffy

1. “There’s no such thing as two growing seasons that are exactly the same.” Josh

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