The Perfect Life

Not that long ago I had myself convinced that if I had the following I’d be happy:
1. A good guy 
2. A nice house 
3. A farm 
4. A dog (okay I wasnt sure about the dog but they’re in all the movies) 

I thought I’d be set once I had all these boxes checked. 

Do I have those things now? Yes. Do I love all these blessings? Absolutely. 

But do they complete me? Meet my every need. Solve all of life’s problems? Fix my flaws? Not in the slightest. 

You see, after days like today I’m reminded that even when we have the things we want the most that things don’t complete us. People don’t complete us. Only the love of God can do that. 

This year in the strangest places, in life’s rawest moments, when an instant changes everything I have felt the most complete 

1. When I helped the mom with the crying baby and a cart full of groceries and no more room on her credit card. 
2. When I could provide the shoulder family needed to cry on.
3. When I hold the door open for a stranger. 

Isn’t it funny how life works? When I do the things Jesus said to do, like love the least of these & building each other up I am overflowing with joy (even on the days where life is ugly). 🚀

When I am in HIS presence, I am whole 

Do I typically post about the “whole moments”? No. Should I? tell me

If right now your “perfect life” doesn’t exist, if tonight you are feeling less than whole compared to someone’s perfect Facebook life, if you can only see your flaws and brokenness… 

PLEASE stop looking for wholeness in stunning Pinterest boards. 

Look for wholeness by delighting in the Lord & you’ll find  He will give you the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4).

It might look a little different than what you expect. But I hope and whole heatedly believe you’ll discover the wholeness He gives in the simple things—the important things. The conversation at the check out counter, the tearful conversations, & in restaurant doorways. 

I hope you too will look & find wholeness when you step outside your comfort zone & leap (or tip toe if needed) into the tough stuff because it might just heal your soul like it did for me. 


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