Top 10 Wishes for 2018 from A Farmer



2018 is here at last and we can’t wait to see what the next 12 months has in store!  So here’s our list of top wishes for the new year…

10. May all your cows all calve on a sunny day.

9. May your chemicals not drift onto your neighbors rose bushes.

8. May your dog stop chasing the kid’s chickens.

7.  May the rains fall right when you need them.

6. May you never have to chase cows back in on your way to church.

5. May the storm clouds miss your hay that’s in wind rows.

4. May you remember to buy your wife flowers for her birthday instead of bringing her an ear of corn. (We all remember how that went over last year.

3. May you always have the right seed at the right field.

2. May the equipment only need fixed on a rainy day.

1. May you grow wiser in knowledge and wealthier in love than ever before.

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