A Reflection on 2017


We  are about to close the book on 2017.  It was by far the most emotional year we have experienced with extreme highs and devastating lows.

We said good bye to family, lifelong mentors, and incredible friends. Their losses are still felt daily and their presence is truly missed.  In the midst of grief some of life’s greatest moments happened. Nik and I purchased a piece of Iowa, renovated a house, moved and got married all within 30 days thanks to the help of our closest friends and family 💍🏡

This year was raw and uncut but my heart is overflowing. We had amazing opportunities.  My sisters & I were selected for tv series on A & E that never got off the ground but it was an incredible experience.  The hubby and I got to travel to some amazing places, a few heifers became full time residents at Livesay Farms , our business grew for the fifth consecutive year. We count it an extreme honor that the acres we served with A Better Way to Farm grew. 🌽

This year reminded me that life can change in an instant and while we make plans sometimes they don’t line up with God’s master plan. 2017 showed me life is too short to waste. Too important to waste. Too much of a gift to waste. 

So here’s to 2018. Here’s to living a life that creates a legacy.
My wish for you is that it will be a grand adventure that offers you more opportunity then imaginable. ✈️ 💰 😊

May the New Year be full of abundance!