Hello from Nebraska


Meet the Team!!
Say “Hello” To Josh & Deeon 🙂
They farm in south central Nebraska, mostly irritated corn and soybeans. Their family also winter cows on cornstalks. Josh has been involved in farming his whole life.
Josh’s first memory if agriculture is riding with his dad in tractors and driving a tractor at about age 14 with a 4 row stalk shredder.
Josh always says “Farming isn’t what you do, it is what you are.”
The Cederburg’s love agriculture because farming installs a work ethic in you to get the job done, even if it takes putting in your 40 hours by Tuesday night.
Josh’s favorite thing about being affiliated with A Better Way to Farm is meeting top yielding farmers in the country and knowing that they utilize the AgroVantage system!

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Meet the Team!
Corey Strothman is a District Manager with the Conklin Company. He and his wife own Strothman Ag Services. We provide high quality products to farmers that are looking for betters ways to improve their yields without breaking the bank.

Read Corey’s bio below….
I grew up on a family farm of about 400 ac near New London, IA. and have been involved with farming my whole life. Mckenna is 3 years old and is looking forward to meeting her baby sibling next Spring!
My earliest memory in ag is as a kid during harvest we had a TR87 New Holland and the only buddy seat was a metal army box to sit on, but it was just great to be in the combine during fall!
Agriculture is important to me because it instilled the work ethic I have in me today. Samantha and I hope to pass the love of ag world on to my kids someday. It is the real American job and it will be around for a long time if we take care of the soil today!
My favorite thing about being affiliated with A Better Way to Farm is the people that I’ve met. I also enjoy being able to share my entrepreneurial spirit.

What Does Your Soil Have To Tell You?

Recently, Rod shared on the importance of soil testing.

How to do do it, why to do it, & what we can learn from doing it.

Soil testing is the fastest way to gauge soil health.   A complete test (like one ran through Midwest Labs) will show you how well your farm’s soil is working for you and better yet how to improve it!

(Example below)

soil test

Our plant’s always “eat” at the second table.  The soil will always take what it needs first.  If you’d like to make sure that each one of your plants are getting EXACTLY what they need and you KNOW that there is a better way to do so call Rod 641-919-1206.

Be sure to watch the video by clicking…

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Say “Hello” to part of the team!


Meet part of the A Better Way to Farm team 🌽🌽
•Preston is a Director with the Conklin Company and Owner of Precision AGvantage! He has an extreme passion for agriculture with deep roots in farming. 👨‍🌾 He is also a CCA by trade!
•Preston has been married to Lynette for 21 years, they have three of the most awesome children! Danikah, Preslyn, and Raydden.🏡

Q: What are your earliest memories with agriculture? 🚜
I remember riding in the combine with my father at harvest time, I couldn’t have been 5 or 6 years old, fond memories with my Dad!

Q: Why is agriculture important to you? 🍞
We feed the world! Food doesn’t just come from the grocery store, it starts on the farm!

Q: What is your favorite thing about being affiliated with the A Better Way to Farm team? 😀
We work hard to learn our craft and help farmers all across this great nation of ours to help them be the most profitable and successful they can be PLUS we have a great time doing so!
I have never worked with any other company where everyone is so dedicated to doing the best for everyone all day everyday!