Happy Fall Farmers!

It’s the time of year where we start to ask ourselves lots of questions.

Did we use the right seed and best variety? Did we have enough Nitrogen throughout the season?  Did we see the results we wanted from our fertilizer?
and most importantly how can we increase profit in the upcoming growing season?
     We at A Better Way to Farm believe that all of these concerns can be answered by asking each of your company sales reps good questions and looking at solid research from farmers across the country and in your region.  This can help empower YOU to make great decisions on your farm.
     If we continue to do what we have always done we will get the results we have always gotten.
     So to close here is something for you to to keep in mind, as seed genetics improve and quality fertilizers help increase yields your residue left in the corn stalks does as well. A Better Way to Farm has an effective & INCREDIBLY cost efficient stalk digester recipe that you can make yourself to help offset the carbon penalty that every farmer pays. This recipe is recommended by 24 time National NCGA winner Jerry Cox.  It helps to breaks down your residue and gets the most use out of all the nutrients.

Be sure to claim your complementary copy TODAY!! –> http://bit.ly/2cSZHYs


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