Concerns of Young Farmers

Recently I read an article that talked about the top 7 concerns of young farmers, as a young 20 something farmer it caught my eye.  After reading through the article we shared it on our Facebook Page and couldn’t believe how quickly farmers from across the country began to respond!  Hundreds of people began to interact with the post and we saw first hand how big these seven problems are!

Seeing this prompted us to do a LIVE video addressing the #6 concern “Water quality improvements are expensive.”   In the video Rod discussed the idea of reducing our economic loss on nitrogen.  How much would your profit margin increase if you could go from using 1.5 lbs on N per bushel down to .75 pounds per bushel? 

At A Better Way to Farm we strive to help farmers become more profitable and in the lean farming economy we are in today there has never been a better time to find extra profit.

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