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Are you ready to Make more money, Increase yield, and Dry corn down faster!Get the best kept secret seed treatment, By using what some call “Smurf Powder” you can expect: Increased Profits Even Emergence  Effortlessly Increase Stand Counts Corn to be 2 Points Dryer In The Fall 100% Guaranteed If Amplify doesn’t pay for itself in the fall… through Increase yield… […]

Happy Friday! At the beginning of the week we released a podcast that is getting shared like crazy and so we wanted to make sure we gave you all the secrets.  Today we are sharing the LAST secret that Francis Childs shared with us that he used to grow a WORLD RECORD corn crop. He […]

Happy Wednesday! Monday we released a brand new podcast that has been blowing up & getting an insane amount of downloads.  So are you wondering what it’s about?  We shared Five Secrets that Francis Childs used to increase his yields and grow a WORLD RECORD corn crop.  Learning from as he lived his life wide […]

Happy Tuesday! Yesterday we released a brand new podcast sharing five secrets that we learned from Francis Childs to increase yields.  Learning from him as he was on a quest to be the fastest and the best was truly incredible. The second thing that we learned from Francis was to always study. So often in ag […]

Happy Monday! Today we released a brand new podcast sharing with you five ideas that we learned from Francis Childs to increase yields.  We cherish the time we shared with Francis.  He was a unique individual who just always looked at things differently and I think that was one of the keys to his success! […]

Today, we’re doing a special throw back to what  Grandpa always said, if you don’t have time to do it right the first time when will you?  There were so many lessons in life that the grandparents were right about.  Things like when we use a tool and we don’t put it away and then […]

Today, we want to talk a little bit about stress. It seems that there was a franticness in the air. I know that we’ve had the hardest winter in a long time, probably since about 1978 and so as we come into spring in a rough space as to what we’re doing for plant 19. […]

Hey guys, Happy Friday.  Today we are going to talk about how is it that we’re going to pursue higher yields without losing money.  We recently had the opportunity to speak with a farmer and he said that they’re doing a great job. They’re raising their yields up but they have so much money in […]

You’re ONE choice away from a totally different life…but what does that mean for you & your farm…? For everyone it’s different… For some of you, you’re in a job that you hate, and you’re trying to get out but have to make more money on the farm to do that. For others, you are farming full […]

The Third study from Top End Farming we want to show you is the Syntose FA (Sugar Study.) Syntose is a unique blend of readily available sugars, molasses, and fulvic acid. It is ideal for use on all soils and plants. Syntose FA easily incorporates into any farming operation. It readily mixes with starter fertilizers […]

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